5 Reasons to Buy a Real Christmas Tree This Season

328345649 bf8db53bc2 5 Reasons to Buy a Real Christmas Tree This Season

Christmas trees are a central part of many families’ holiday traditions, but when it comes time to purchase a tree, here are 5 reasons to stick with a bonafide Xmas tree, rather than an artificial one:

  1. Contrary to some popular sentiments, a real tree is actually more environmentally friendly than a fake one. It is estimated that real trees use ten times fewer basic materials and five times less energy than artificial trees.
  2. Fake trees are not biodegradable. Of course real trees are. In fact they’re compostable.
  3. Real Christmas trees produce enough oxygen for 18 people while they’re growing. And they are replanted after they’re harvested.
  4. Real trees support local farmers and our regional economy. Fake trees are usually sold by national chains like Wal Mart and manufactured in China.
  5. And, of course, the most obvious reason: Real trees look and smell oh-so-good!


photocredit: takfoto