Downtown Block Party

Local Life supports and paDowntown Tacoma Block Partyrtners with the Downtown Tacoma Neighbors to produce the annual summer Downtown Block Party. Both DTN and DBP are projects of Local Life. DTN is a grassroots group of Downtown residents and supporters. The block party is one part uber creative art shindig and one part neighborhood block party.

The vision behind the Downtown Block Party is giving attendees the chance to feel what it would be like to make their neighborhood a better place by working collaboratively and creatively.

From the moment a party-goer steps into the Euro-styled Opera Alley, the atmosphere asks them to participate in the life and activity around them. Musicians set the heartbeat by laying down improvised grooves. Meanwhile participants can paint, craft, dance, eat and drink. After someone imbibes a cold brew, they can put on old shoes, step in paint and dance on linens or play wall ball. Or they may choose to have a bite to eat and play a game of chess first. Whatever the case, it will be hard for them to leave at the end of the night without a sense of inspiration to think outside-the-box about their own neighborhood.

And of course the decor itself is worth the attendance. 2011′s party had a giant parachute suspended above the alley, a Peter Pan-style beer garden, upside down umbrellas suspended above the street and myriad other fixtures that transported party-goers to a world where things are getting better, one neighborhood at a time.

The block party takes place on one of the last Saturday evenings of August. Contact us for sponsor or volunteer opportunities.