09 May 2013

Lessons from Community Gardens – a City of Neighborhoods Workshop

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Since the number of community gardens in Pierce County has increased from about 5 in 2008, to over 50 today, there is bound to be a lot of collective learned wisdom out there that we can glean from. This City of Neighborhoods workshop will be a panel facilitated by Pierce Conservation District’s community garden program. From veterans to second-year community gardeners, the panel will be full of diverse experiences.

They say if you see someone in tattered clothes standing on the side of the road and they tell you, “Hey, don’t go that direction, the bridge is out,” you should list to them. Likewise if someone tells you what has worked best, why waist time reinventing the wheel? Whether you are an experienced community gardener or someone who is just thinking about starting one, come share and receive insight about community garden best practices at City of Neighborhoods 2013!

As a reward for reading this post, you can get 20% off your already low-cost ticket of $20 (so $16!). Just click here and enter the code “blogspecial.”

If you don’t think you can swing the cost of a ticket, just click here and request to be a volunteer for the event. Volunteers go for free!

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