11 Apr 2013

Here’s some money, make your neighborhood awesome.

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Last fall we were chatting with our friends at Grassroots Grantmakers, who work with funders across the nation to give micro-grants to grassroots projects. They mentioned being in contact with the Greater Tacoma Community Foundation and we thought to ourselves, hmmm, that’s intriguing! Well, turns out GTCF has been cooking up a grassroots grant campaign of their own and it’s all for YOU!

That’s right. They’re giving grants to on-the-ground folks that just want to do stuff like make a community garden, start a neighborhood barter market, paint a mural, throw a block party or whatever else you can cook up with $1,500 to make your neighborhood a more connected place.

Here’s the skinny!

What: Grants for neighborhood projects that benefit your community.

Where: Anywhere in pierce county.

How Much: $1,500.

Who: Any individual or grassroots group.

When: There are two cycles you can apply to. The first due date is May 1st and the second is October 15th.

How to Apply: Read over the grant guidelines (10 minutes and not too laborious). Then apply online! Simple as that!

After you apply, get your ticket for City of Neighborhoods 2013. You’ll be joined by a few hundred other neighborhood movers and shakers. Come learn and be inspired!

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